‘Use heart to design’is Shang Yuan Jian Zhu’s design idea.Shang Yuan Jian Zhu, foundedby a group of young designers passionate in space design,is a professional design institution thatspecializes in original Chinese style interior and exterior space design.Shang Yuan Jian Zhu has modern management concepts and high quality design ideas, utilizing its parametric design to constantly provide customers with space design works that exceed their imaginations.

 While exploring Chinese living style, it strives to bring the real Chinese style space design to the world, let the Chinese element raise and lead the fashion trend. Since Shang Yuan Jian Zhu was founded,it is mainly engaged in office space design, hotel space design, urban complex space design, living space design, cultural space design, planning design, scene design etc. After years of growth,it has developed its unique space design theory and become the leader in the space design area. Shang Yuan Jian Zhuemphasizesusing local concepts to answer space design issues and explore the solution in Chinese style. 

Shang Yuan Jian Zhu examines the essential‘meaning’behind,re-interprets the localized space, combines design style with urban culture, custom, heritage and international design language, and uses advanced design concepts to explore the deeper meaning in the Chinese style design.